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Rooter Poms and Shaker Poms

The Classic Way to Cheer Your Champions

Colorful, cut-rate, and customizable: spirit shakers are the all-time classic way to cheer on your team. Boosters Inc has rooter poms in many sizes to suit the needs of supporters at any age. Lightweight and eye-catching, the shakers at Boosters Inc will without a doubt enhance your cheer capacity and boost any crowd’s excitement! Shaker poms will bring the energy in the stadiums to a whole new level!

Whether they’re for a cheer competition or just a Friday night stint in the stands, spirit shakers are a foolproof way to ‘bring the noise’ for your team. Rooter poms are fun for children and adults alike, and Boosters Inc has a great selection of colors, sizes, and inscriptions so the products you choose will be perfectly matched to your team’s uniforms. During basketball games, shaker poms can also be used to distract the opposing team and keep them from scoring during foul shots. Nothing shows unity better than the entire crowd using shaker poms to keep the opposing team from scoring!

If you want your cheerleaders to look their best, then buy their spirit shakers from Boosters Inc. The different sizes and styles available are perfectly suited for stunting and flying and are guaranteed to boost the energy in the stands. Order yours today and cheer your team in style!

Stock Stick Shakers

Show your school pride with these customized stadium shakers. These shakers are made with a stick ha ...

Price: $0.59-$1.10
12" Plastic Pom w/ 4" handle

*** Minimum of 10 On This Pom Only *** Show your school pride with these customized stadium sha ...

Price: $4.23
Klakker Pom

Show your Spirit and make some Noise with these Spirit Shakers!!! These shakers are made with a ...

Price: $1.35-$2.49
Blank Custom Color Stick Shakers

With our Stick Shakers you can show off that spirit!! These shakers are made with a white stick hand ...

Price: $1.29-$1.99
Blank Ring Tab Shakers

These super fun Shakers now come with a blank ring instead of the stick, so you can still shake away ...

Price: $1.29-$1.99
Custom Printed Ring Shakers

With the Ring shakers, NOW you can individualize the ring, and custom design it to your team!!! The ...

Price: $1.29-$1.99
Blank Solid Tab Shaker

These Tab shakers are easy on the hands for those countless hours you spend in the stands... You can ...

Price: $1.29-$1.99
Printed Solid Tab Shakers

These Tab Shakers can be customized to your desire. You can even advertise a business on them. The p ...

Price: $0.81-$1.53