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Noise Makers

Let's Make Some Noise!!

There's no better way to motivate a team onto victory than to let them know how much you support them. So don't let your voice get lost in the crowd and give them a super “Rah, Rah, Rah!!” with our custom noise makers!

If you have a special player on your team, make sure they can find you in the stands with our Crazy Clappers, Super Loud Horns, Rappers, Poppers, Noise Sticks, Custom Cowbells and more. Your support will never go unnoticed and the entire team will be proud to have you on their side!

Clappers and Clackers

Our Crazy Clappers transform the power of every clap into three and are guaranteed to add to the fun of cheering. These fingerless gloves have round, plastic noisemakers on their palms and come in a variety of colors to proudly display your spirit. They can also be customized with an imprint of your team's name or logo!

We also provide a wide variety of clackers and rappers to enhance the power of your cheer. Our customizable rappers come in three different shapes and a plethora of colors to help you boost your team's confidence. Whether in the form of the number 1 or a hand, these classic rappers will make you the loudest fan in the stands!

Collapsible Horns

WHO REMEMBERS the WORLD CUP? These are the HORNS that the world will never forget! GET LOUD and ...

Price: $3.79-$4.49
#1 Clacker

Noise makers ARE ESSENTIAL to every game!!! Its that driving force, that confidence booster that you ...

Price: $2.13-$2.42
Hand Rapper

Your Team needs you, SO MAKE SOME NOISE with these Hand Clackers..... Be the loudest one in the stan ...

Price: $1.85-$2.06
Round Rapper

Get up, Get up, Get up on your feet and make some Noise for your Team, with these round clackers. Bo ...

Price: $1.85-$2.85
Spirit Popper

Spirit Poppers are most definitely a FAN FAVORITE making them a Fabulous Fundraising Product!! They ...

Price: $1.10-$1.49
Custom Printed Noise Sticks

INFLATABLE STICKS are one of the hottest items this year!!! They are an excellent NOISEMAKER and the ...

Price: $1.35-$2.68
Cow Bells


Price: $1.10
Unimprinted #1

IN A HURRY.... GET THEM BLANK!  --  Noise makers ARE ESSENTIAL to every game!!! Its that d ...

Price: $2.00
Unimprinted Round Rapper

CLACKITY CLACK, DON'T COME BACK♪♪♪--  These Noise makers are always a bi ...

Price: $2.00
Unimprinted Sticks

Sticks whether printed or unimprinted are so much fun in the stands. Get on your feet and make some ...

Price: $0.99