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Custom Foam Fingers and Hands

Pack the Stadium with Spirit Gear from Boosters Inc.

Hundreds of spectators fill the high school bleachers every year for football games, track meets, and volleyball tournaments. Expectant fans buzz about their kids and best friends—everyone is cheering for another goal or a last-ditch defense. In the heat of the moment, make sure your team supporters have the right gear to really show their school pride.

Custom Foam Fingers for Everyone!

Boosters Inc. specializes in filling the stands with bright and blazing spirit gear, so let us outfit every mom, dad, and student with our popular foam products. What better way to show your team that they are number 1 than by using custom foam hands? These hands are large and colorful, making them easy for players to spot.

Stadium seats can be especially useful for the weekend tournaments and over time delays. Because our foam items have been in high demand, we’ve decided to expand our selection! Now you can order from a wide variety of customizable foam products including, but not limited to:

  • Team spirit visors to keep out the sun
  • Foam fingers and fists
  • Paws with claws
  • Lightning bolts and wavy spirit sticks
  • Vinyl or foam stadium seats for extra comfort

With so many options, nobody should be going empty-handed to the big game ever again. Wearing customized foam fingers or hands are bound to get you noticed in the crowd, and if you’re lucky, the players will give you a big high-five after the game! Plus, these foam products are very safe, which make them perfect for some wild waving and energetic cheering.

Design It Your Way

These custom foam fingers, hands and stadium seats, and all other foam items, are easy to tailor with your choice of colors, text, designs, and artwork using our free, online editing tools. The process of designing the object takes only a few minutes; choose from a specific list of preset templates, an impressive number of foam and text colors, and a catalog of unique mascot art. Finish off the process by inserting your school name, selecting the quantity, and adding it to your shopping cart. The order you place should arrive at your home or office within 2-3 weeks.

If you have any questions or concerns about the design, ordering, or shipping process of our custom foam hands, fingers or stadium seats, our in-house design and printing staff is on call and at your service. We work behind the scenes to provide you with the right gear so that when game time comes, all you have to do is cheer like crazy.

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6" Foam Football

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20" Foam Spirit Stick

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Foam #1/Goal Visor

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Foam Paw Visor

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28" Foam Wiggle Stick

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28" Foam Worm Waver

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2" Vinyl Cushion

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2 1/2" Vinyl Cushion

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Closed Cell Foam Cushion

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18" Foam Hand

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18" Foam Dog Bone

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12" Foam Paw Fist

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18" Foam Sword

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15" Foam Tomahawk

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14" Foam Spirit Waver

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Thumbs Up Foam Hand

   Foam fingers are known around the world. They are such a popular item to have at games ...

Price: $4.25-$4.91