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Cheer Flags and Spirit Flags for Cars

Take your school spirit on the road with our large car and small car cheer flags! The car cheer flags are highly durable and can be added to the front or back of your car easily. What better way to spread your school spirit around town then by adding a cheer flag to your car? With this new and exciting product, the spirit doesn’t just end when you leave school. Now it can travel to other parts of town and get everyone in the community excited! The cheer flags are available in different sizes and there are many designs to choose from. They can be used at games, pep rallies or can be sold at fundraisers to raise money for the school program!

Are you interested in leading the school spirit during the big game? Now you can because we offer 5’ x 8’ spirit flags that can be waved as you run down the field to kick off the game! When you run down the field with the spirit flag, the entire team will be right behind you, as the entire crowd gets pumped!

Please feel free to browse through our inventory of spirit flags and choose the style and design that fits your school spirit needs!

Large Car Flag

Let the world know how you feel about your Team.  Raise the spirit and pride with these cu ...

Price: $8.99-$14.50
Small Car Flag

Let the world know how you feel about your Team.  Raise the spirit and pride we these cust ...

Price: $5.99-$11.49
Cheer Flag (4' x 6')

These CHEER FLAGS make a statement. So let the other team know there is no fear in your game! Run th ...

Price: $445.00
Cheer Flag (5' x 8')

Be the Driving force of the Rally Run this year with this INCREDIBLE custom designed CHEER FLAG! Lea ...

Price: $565.00
Booster Flags

Boost your school spirit while you make really Big Profits! BOOSTER FLAGS are better!!!!!! These hug ...

Price: $2.59-$3.63
hard flags, hard car flags

Our brand new full color custom printed HardFlags from are a Boosters Inc E ...

Price: $29.15-$33.99